Magna Shade Holder 

US. Pat# US 8,714,511 B2

The original Magna Shade Holder has one magnet that provides a two hundred pound pull to ferrous materials.  It is designed to hold a shading umbrella that keeps outside workers 10 to 20 degrees cooler and melanoma free.  The Magna Shade is lightweight weighing only 2.5 pounds.  Magna Shade is available with one, two, or three magnets.  If your conditions are windy and require additional support, consider the double or triple Magna Shade Holder.  Magna Shade holder can be used to support the following commercial and industrial components:


  • Shade Umbrella
  • Temporary work lighting
  • Temporary power cables
  • Caution barrier devices: Signs, flags, and lights
  • OSHA required roof edge area compliance
  • Anywhere portable support is needed at ferrous material


  • MS-1 (One Magnet)

  • MS-2 (Two Magnets)

  • MS-3 (Three Magnets)